Established in 1993 as a niche marketer of products and services where our specific experience and expertise  benefit customers and manufacturers alike.  Lakeland Packaging offers a wide range of capabilities in both specialized packaging and complex precision product component & sub-assemblies

Specialized Packaging

  • Barrier Pouches
  • Flexible Laminations
  • Specialized films and coatings
  • Mil-Spec   
  • 3D Bags
  • Poly Bags
  • Encapsulated Directions for Use

Product Components & Sub-Assemblies

  • Precision, High Tolerance and General Machining
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Production Machining
  • Prototyping
  • Plastics
  • Conductive and insulating plastics
  • Die-cut foam



Proudly supporting our Warfighters for over 30 years, Lakeland Packaging provides specialized barrier packaging across a multitude of CBRNE programs including JSLIST, JPACE, UIPE and M295.  In addition, Lakeland provides precision machined components and assemblies for use in a wide array of applications from small ordinance to heavy armor. 


A medical device manufacturer in Puerto Rico requires a package for their filters that meets their exacting barrier and cleanliness requirements. Lakeland designed and supplies a cost effective package that exceeds their requirements.

Supporting our First Responders and front line troops, Lakeland supplies packaging for first aid and trauma kits used on the front lines both domestically and abroad. 




Manufacturers of agricultural chemicals need to provide users with extensive use, mixing, disposal, and environmental information. This must be presented in a format sized for inclusion on a small container of concentrate. Lakeland designed and supplies an encapsulated pressure sensitive backed booklet that can be applied to chemical containers by hand or utilizing automated labeling equipment

Rubber compounders experienced dirt and contamination problems with the additives used in their batch blending process. Lakeland Packaging provides bags which hold the pre-measured additives, and are then placed in the Banbury where they melt at very low processing temperatures.


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